Changes to 2011-2012 Baldrige Criteria

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The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence have evolved over time, moving from a manufacturing quality model to a performance excellence model that is relevant for any industry or business sector.

The most significant changes to the 2011-2012 criteria focus on two areas: dealing with (1) complexity in enterprise leadership and management, and (2) customer engagement.

Attached are excerpts from the 2011-2012 Criteria for Business and Non-Profit, Education, and Healthcare that describe the changes in detail. In addition, a crosswalk developed by Paul Grizzell of Core Values Partners and James Stith of Clark Memorial Hospital describes the “inner workings” of the placement of the new criteria versus the old. This emphasizes that, while there are new components to the Criteria, many of the existing areas to address have simply been moved to provide a more logical flow and increased understanding of the Criteria.

Changes 2011-2012 Business and Nonprofit Criteria.pdf
Changes 2011-2012 Education Criteria.pdf
Changes 2011-2012 Healthcare Criteria.pdf
Criteria Changes Crosswalk 2011-2012.pdf

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