“How do you know …?”

 . . . your leadership is effective?

. . . customers are satisfied?

 . . . employees are engaged?

. . . service is accurate?

 . . . processes are driving toward desired outcomes?

 . . . you are maximizing your productivity?

. . . you are making informed decisions?

. . . you are as competitive as you can be?

…you are ready for the future?

Challenging your focus

Regardless of your current improvement methodologies (Lean, Six Sigma, ISO, Studer Group, etc.), use of the Baldrige Criteria will focus, align, and accelerate™ performance excellence across your organization.

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Coaching by Core Values Partners

Advance excellence in your organization or business by applying Baldrige core values to your processes and identifying opportunities for improvement (OFIs), with Core Values Partners as your coach.

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Asking “How do you know™…?”

Core Values Partners asks you “How do you know™…?” that your processes and actions are what is driving your results? Answering “How do you know™…?” is the first step to clearing the path to “Can you do it better?”

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