The European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Model (EFQM) Excellence Model is a business excellence framework designed to help organizations become more competitive. This model provides a practical and systematic approach to improve an organization’s success as it highlights concrete elements within a company that are strengths to reinforce and areas for improvement to address to improve performance.

Many companies use this model as a test for their current performance level, because it targets the cause and effect relationship between what a company does (its processes) and its subsequent performance outcomes (its results). The model gained a foothold in Europe, but has spread to the Middle East, South America, and to the US with European-based organizations’ US facilities.

The model undergoes occasional revisions to maintain its effectiveness, which can cause some confusion with companies trying to adopt it. Fortunately, there are EFQM consultant services that help organizations make sense of the EFQM Criteria and how it can be used to drive organizational improvement.

As with the US-based Baldrige Award, EFQM has an annual conference and a high level EFQM award – The EFQM Excellence Award. This is an annual event that recognizes organizations that have been able to achieve a sustainable level of performance excellence based on the EFQM Criteria.

The Core Values Partners team has a long and strong track record of providing effective EFQM consulting services. Our consulting firm is centered on helping organizations use performance excellence models to better understand the issues keeping them from achieving high performance outcomes. The only time they can begin applying effective solutions is when they have a firm grasp on what the area for improvement really are.

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of the company’s current situation. We meet with the organization’s leaders to understand how they operate. We then compare the results of these discussions against the Criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model. This allows us – and our partner organizations – to identify the areas that need the most attention, as well as their company’s strengths to reinforce and build upon.

This assessment helps a plan to help our partners reach their intended goals faster. These strategies will vary from company to company, since we prefer using the organization’s strengths as the starting point. It also helps company morale to utilize existing assets to drive improvements in the organization.

Learn more about our EFQM consultant service by either exploring the rest of our website for more details, or talk to us directly by going to our contact page. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions, and even get you started on your own EFQM journey to excellence.