Is your organization at the top of your game and you’re wondering how to move to that next level of high performance? Or is your organization struggling and you’re trying to identify how to accelerate improvement or turn around poor performance? No matter where you are, aligning your values and organization with the Baldrige or EFQM Criteria will create a positive success spiral through the structure, employee engagement, and best practices that build performance.

Comparing your operations to an evidence-based set of characteristics of high-performing organizations is the first step in knowing where you stand by identifying Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement. Core Values Partners’ consulting, coaching, and training services give your organization a clear direction to pursue improved performance.

Recognition of your Baldrige- or EFQM-based performance excellence journey may include state-level or other recognition—or even the Baldrige National Quality Award or EFQM Excellence Award; but the real benefit to you occurs with the changes that you make by using the Baldrige or EFQM roadmap. Core Values Partners uses a systematic approach to focus, align, and accelerate™ your journey toward becoming a great organization via Baldrige or EFQM. We are available for:



Commit to a multi-year process with Core Value Partners. We will coach you on your journey to identify your Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement, and to drive improved outcomes through informed decisions.

Baldrige Core Values . . . and You

If you value these criteria, then Baldrige is the right path in your journey to pursue performance excellence.

  • Systems perspective
  • Visionary leadership
  • Customer-focused excellence  (Business and Non-profit Criteria)
    Patient-focused excellence (Health Care Criteria)
    Student-centered excellence (Education Criteria)
  • Organization and personal learning
  • Valuing people
  • Organization learning and agility
  • Focus on success
  • Managing for innovation
  • Management by fact
  • Societal responsibility
  • Ethics and transparency
  • Delivering value and results

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