Core Values Partners Mission is to help organizations focus, align, and accelerate their performance excellence efforts through effective use of the Baldrige or EFQM Criteria.

Core Values Partners assists organizations in driving improved outcomes that align with their mission, vision, and values. This is accomplished through effective application of the Baldrige or EFQM Criteria and alignment with the foundation of the Baldrige Core Values or EFQM Fundamental Concepts of Excellence. Our consultants and coaches help organizations identify Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement that will drive improved outcomes in multiple results areas.

Core Values Partners’ commitment to performance excellence has led to their relationship with the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). This partnership helps international organizations drive improved outcomes using the EFQM Criteria and Fundamental Concepts of Excellence. The more you learn about Core Values Partners, the more you’ll realize that we’re the team that can best facilitate your progress along the performance excellence journey.

Paul Grizzell is Core Values Partners’ President and primary Baldrige Coach.  Paul is a 21-year Baldrige Examiner, and an EFQM Assessor, Certified Advisor, and Certified Trainer.  He is also the Foreign Evaluation Expert with the China Quality Award – part of the China Association for Quality. He brings a passion for performance excellence and a commitment to helping your organization improve.