A process exists in your organization for everything you do—whether it is thought out and deliberate, or created through habit (“That’s the way we’ve always done it.”)  This session digs deeper into the Baldrige or EFQM Criteria to help organizations fully understand their performance excellence journey.  This session is positioned to help the organization whose leaders have made a commitment to performance excellence make initial progress in developing a plan to move forward.  By the end of the session, Category Teams will have a better understanding of he path ahead, and initial progress will have been made on developing your Organizational Profile.


This training provides your leaders an understanding of the “Why…?” of a Baldrige or EFQM performance excellence journey.  Without getting into the myriad details of the Baldrige or EFQM Criteria, we explore the Baldrige Core Values or the EFQM Fundamental Concepts of Excellence and how they relate to the values and direction of your organization.  If the Core Values or Fundamental Concepts of Excellence align to what you aspire to for your organization, then the Baldrige or EFQM Criteria are the road map to help you get there.


Use your own application as the basis for leadership training. This training, based on the Baldrige Examiner training model, helps your leaders view your organization in a consistent manner, identify Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement, and prioritize improvement strategies. It’s like sending your leaders to a mini-MBA – helping them view your organization consistently through the lens of the Baldrige Criteria.

Core Values Partner is also a Licenced Trainer for the EFQM program.

The Core Values Partners Process is based on years of experience in helping organizations drive measureable improvement using the Baldrige Criteria. Training focuses on aligning your organization’s efforts with the Baldrige Core Values—leading to continuous and breakthrough improvements.

Paul Grizzell will listen to you and ask questions throughout your organization, to help you understand and define your organization’s needs, goals, and processes. He will help you gain independence in your Baldrige journey, training you in how to successfully move through discovering “How do you know…?”, and guiding you to the place where you ask “Can we do it better…?”

Paul becomes your source to connect you to a range of knowledge and resources that help you progress on your journey to performance excellence.