Application Development and Refinement Partner

Steve George provides Baldrige assessment and application support to Core Values Partners clients that range from facilitation to complete assessment and application development and refinement. Twenty-one of the organizations he has worked with have applied for quality awards and received site visits and eleven have won awards, including five Baldrige Award recipients.

Steve has written and/or edited more than a hundred Baldrige applications, helping organizations describe their management systems clearly and completely. This enables leaders, managers, and examiners to develop an accurate evaluation of an organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement and chart a reliable and achievable course to world-class performance.

Since 1989, Steve has helped more than 50 organizations assess their management systems using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.

Steve has written ten books, four of which explore the Baldrige management model:

  • Total Quality Management: Strategies and Techniques Proven at Today’s Most Successful Companies, published by Wiley in 1994 with a second edition in 1998 as the “quality book” in its successful Portable MBA Series, uses 51 quality role models to explore the Baldrige Criteria as a management model. Publishers Weekly praised it as a “book of unusual interest and merit.” More than 32,000 copies of the book have been sold.
  • Uncommon Sense, also published by Wiley, explored current thinking about the basics of business excellence through the experiences of six world-class organizations and the work of leading management experts.
  • Invest in the Best advises investors on how to evaluate the quality of a company’s management system using Baldrige concepts during their investment decision-making process.
  • The Baldrige Quality System: The Do-It-Yourself Way To Transform Your Business, was a pioneering book about the Baldrige model, hailed by quality expert J.M. Juran as “the definitive book on the Baldrige Award.”

His most recent books include Enterprising Minnesotans, the stories of Minnesota entrepreneurs from 1849 to the present, and three ghostwriting projects for successful business leaders.

Steve has been working with businesses since 1976 as a management consultant and writer. His clients have included 3M, Cargill, Dell, Froedtert Hospital, Hazelden, Mayo Clinic, Medrad, Medtronic, Target, and the U.S. Postal Service.

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